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Just my luck

Hey all, Steve here. I’ve had some unbelievable luck lately. It’s just one thing after another.. I can’t stand when things consistently don’t go my way. It really wears on me over time. For example, just last week I was taking a road trip up to New York to visit a friend. My plan was to leave Friday night and

You dropped your pocket….watch

Hey all, Steve here. If you’ve been following my, you’d know that I have quite a busy life. I won’t bore you with details but just know if I have time to write another blog, it’s a good day. Anyway, I am a watch fanatic, always has been, always will be. Ever since I was five. All kinds of watches,

Welcome everybody

Welcome to my brand new blog, I have been meaning to create one for the longest time and now that work has slowed down a bit, I have some free time. I’m Steve, father of 10. I know I know… But now you understand why I’m so busy. Stick around to hear my thoughts and rants on replica watches, especially